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Are you ready to explore and dive deeper in your wellness journey?

If so, you're in the right place!


We're all about exploring - new modalities, new practices, new topics, and new places within ourselves. Whether you're just starting your wellness journey, or you've been on this path for a while now, we're happy to have you here with us!


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Learning is a constant process of discovery - a process without end.

- Bruce Lee

Gratitude Journal

So you know gratitude can only improve the overall quality of your life - right? Take a moment to get real honest with yourself - do you remember to make gratitude an active part of your everyday life? 

If your answer to that question is no - don't worry! You're not alone! It can be difficult to create a new habit, and if we're being honest some days it's difficult to find anything to be grateful for! We've been there ourselves, so we know what it's like. 

We also know first hand what a massive difference gratitude can make. Once it becomes a part of you, a part of your day, you'll start to notice all sorts of things change for the better in your life! 

This gratitude journal is here to help you develop a gratitude practice, to build on it a little bit each day. It's 90 pages of inspiration, gratitude prompts, fun gratitude exercises, and downloadable meditations. 

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Learn to Meditate Course - website image

Learn to Meditate

Are you at the beginning of your meditation journey, or just looking to explore other styles of meditation, and hopefully discover a few tools you can add to your practice? Look no further - this is the perfect place to start.


In this course we'll be bringing you 10 daily meditation lessons right to your inbox - that means you don't even have to get our of your pyjamas!

Each day an email will magically appear with your daily lesson, your meditation, an MP3 file you can download, and lots of other goodies to support you on your journey! These emails are packed with lots of information! We even have a private Facebook group for everyone taking this course. 

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We've got several more courses in the works! 

 Be sure to check back regularly   and subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on new courses!

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