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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal


Are you ready to take your gratitude practice to the next level? 

Woohoo we're so excited for you to embark on this journey!

Wellness on the Farm's Big Book of Gratitude is downloadable and fillable -- you're welcome trees!


It's filled with gratitude practices, prompts, journal pages, inspiration, guided meditations, and so much more! We know your life is busy, and we wanted to ensure this practice could become a part of your routine, so we kept everything bite-sized for you!

It's all of the things we've really leaned into ourselves, so we know what a huge difference they make! You'll be amazed what an impact gratitude can have in your life, especially when you make it part of your day to day life. 


Want to find out more and get a sneak peek inside the Gratitude Journal? Check it out here

  • Gifting the Journal

    If you are purchasing a copy of the Gratitude Journal as a gift for someone, and have questions about how to do that, send us a quick email once you've placed your order and we'll help you out! 

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