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we're passionate about wellness

we're edgy

we're dorky

we're kind of wholesome

we're passionate about animals and rescue

we laugh so hard we cry

we swear

we challenge expectations 

we ask the big questions

we have the big, powerful conversations

we enjoy not always fitting in

we like to explore the unknown...

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to"

- brene brown

Regardless of where you are on your journey to wellness and healing, we'd love to welcome you to our community! 


​At Wellness on the Farm we take a super holistic approach to wellness - we don't believe there is any one thing that can change your life around and be the key to your healing. We know that goes against the popular narrative - it seems each month there's a new trick, hack, supplement, or healing modality that will solve all your problems. Honestly, this is just a bit too easy - a bit too simplified to really work, and the constant stream of new fads backs this up. Healing emotional, psychological, and physical issues isn't all sunshine and rainbows, it can be hard and sometimes uncomfortable work. We've both been on our own healing journeys these past few years, so we know this first hand! 


We believe the journey to wellness involves exploring all different aspects of ourselves, trying different things, and looking at yourself mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately there isn't one quick fix that will deliver us at wellness' door, everyone's journey is going to look different. Regardless of how it looks, we need to own our journey and be willing to explore things we once would have shied away from. 

First and foremost, Wellness on the Farm is about developing a community of like-minded people on their journeys to wellness. To support our community we offer Meditations, Sound Bathsand the opportunity to Learn with us Online. These modalities have all been key pieces of our own personal healing journey, and we've really enjoyed being able to share them in turn with others. Have a look around, test the waters, see what might work for you at this stage in your own journey to wellness, and we hope to welcome you to our incredible community! 

Kristen & Amanda

Are you interested in exploring gratitude?

Are you interested in living a life filled with gratitude - for the big and the little things in life? Are you looking to turn up the joy in your life? Change your perspective and how you interact with the world? ​

If you answered yes to any of the above, it's time to embark on a gratitude journey!​

Developing a gratitude practice can have a massive impact on your life - but we know first hand just how difficult it can be to start a new habit. To know where to start and how to keep up that momentum. 

That's why we created Wellness on the Farm's Big Book of Gratitude! Allow this journal to be your guide on your gratitude journey. Just think of all the places it may take you! 

Gratitude Journal - course page.png

Together, but apart.    Healing vibes from around the world.

A few weeks into the pandemic, we had an idea. We wanted to send some healing out into the world in the way we knew how. But we knew we couldn't do it alone. So we reached out to old friends and new friends, and asked them to join us.

This video is filled with the hearts, voices, and healing energies of people from all around the world. Take a few minutes for yourself now, and allow the sounds of these healing instruments to wash over you. May it bring you comfort, peace, and healing.

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