Tomorrow's the day!

We're asking because we care about each and every one of you so freaking much!

  Let's take a moment to check in..!

Please select any statement(s) that apply to you:
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  What we're doing: 

  • As per provincial health orders, proof of vaccination will be required for in-person events.

  • We're keeping group sizes small so that there is plenty of room for us to all spread out and feel comfortable in the space.

  • Masks are required when entering and moving around the space, they can be removed once settled on your mat.

  • We ask that everyone observe social distancing, and use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering. 

  • Please remember to bring your own mat or chair to sit on.

  • We will be keeping the windows open throughout the event to maintain some air flow.

  • We ask that everyone attending one of our in person events fill out the quick form above.

*If you have begun to feel sick, or are in close contact with somebody that is sick, please be sure to let us know and we will make arrangements for you (either transferring your payment to another event, or offering a refund). Please do let us know ahead of time though so we can offer your spot to somebody else since space is so limited. 

We are so looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this little health check-in!    It goes a long way towards helping us keep our entire community healthy.